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059 - The Attributes of God - The Holiness of God.

November 12, 2018

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020 - The Church

January 29, 2018


Church may seem like a natural part of the life of the believer, but as our culture becomes more and more individualized so have began to question the need for the weekly assembly.  We can read Scripture on our own and certainly you can find good preaching all over the internet and even on podcasts such as this.  So, why do we need the church and what part should it play in the our spiritual lives?  To answer these questions and more we are joined by Jess Miller, pastor of the Calvary Bible Church of Grand Junction, CO.  


 Recommended Resources:


Nine Marks of A Healthy Church by Mark Dever

The Church by Edmund P. Clowney

The Life of the Church: The Table, Pulpit, and Square by Joe Thorn

The Heart of the Church: The Gospel's History, Message, and Meaning by Joe Thorn

The Character of the Church: The Marks of God's Obedient People by Joe Thorn

What Is a Healthy Church Member?
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